Small PA Kit

Hire – Small PA System

Our small PA is suitable for a house party, bbq, small community event, solo artist in a pub, small public speeches etc.

UPDATE – Limited availability July 2018

Cost Per Day

£70 per day (includes delivery & collection – details here)


Measurements – Height = 22 inches (56cm), Width = 14 inches (36cm)

Output Power – 120W

Input –  Phono Input (Left/Right) for PC, Phone, Tablet etc.

Input – Jack Input for Guitar and 2 external wired microphones.

It is possible to plug in a USB stick or SD/MMC card and play MP3/WAV/WMA direct for this.

Play via Bluetooth is also available.

This includes the following equipment :-

1 x Single PA Speaker & power cable (standard power cable is 1.5m)

1 x Audio cable (PA system to 3.5mm – standard laptop/phone audio socket)

1 x Wireless microphone (battery not included)

This PA system includes a battery backup feature – It will operate on battery for a limited period of time (dependant on use, typically a few hours) ideal if there is no avaliable mains power, such as public speaches, or a small outdoor event.

This is a quick and easy PA system to use , basic instructions will be provided when the equipment is delivered to you.  During the hire period you will be supplied with a user guide for the PA system.

Our terms and conditions of hire can be found here.